Thursday, September 28, 2006

Supplementing - Antioxidant Vitamins

This quarter I'm taking a course in "Evidence Based" sports medicine of lower extremities and while flipping through the course text, I found a chapter with almost instant appeal chapter 27 "Performance-Enhancing Supplements". Seeing that title, I immediately flipped back and digested it.

I won't go into everything I found, but I will share one very cool piece of knowledge. A new tartan secret, magic of Vitamin C.

The last paragraph on Vitamin C was quite interesting, particularly in the light of my upcoming 508 adventure..
"Also, vitamin C may provide immunologic benefits to endurance athletes. Daily supplementation with vitamin C 1 to 3 weeks before participating in a marathon or ultra marathon has been shown to decrease the incidence of post race upper respiratory tract infection by as much as 33%"

Orthopaedic Knowledge Update - Sports Medicine 3 page 339
ISBN 0-89203-332-0



  • It's TART, baby (vitamin C, that is)!
    I've taken to using Emergen-C fizzies, 2 pkgs per full water bottle, as the first bottle for my long rides. Seems to help. Improves sweat rate (why? dunno - lots of possibilities as Emergen-C is a mulit-mineral as well as mega-C supplement), just feels "right".

    By Blogger excelsior!, at 11:05 AM  

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