Sunday, August 06, 2006

Oregon State Time Trial Championships, - RESULTS!

The Oregon State Time Trial Championships went down today and more importantly both Kenneth and his MOM were there in their respective catagories for a Total Tartan Smack Down! Yes, thats right, Kenneth Got his TT groove on and drove the Lethal Wepon, Co-Motion, in for another nice finish, powering in with a sub hour 41km time, and grabbing a first place finish. There was a slight 30 second timming difference between what team philbrick time the TT at and what the offical recordered but regardless of which pipe you smoke Kenneth pounded down a sub hour 41KM TT.

Not to be missed from the medals, Cathey Philbrick, in her first 20 KM trial, no make that first bike race ever! Kicked the gears big time and drove in a steller finish taking a very strong third place, bring home a BRONZE, which I might add looks very much like gold..

Kenneth Philbrick 1st Place Cat IV Men 40KM
offical 59 min 6 sec, our unoffical timing 58 min 36 sec

Cathey Philbrick, 3rd Place Masters Women (55-59) 20 KM
offical: 39 min 4 sec

It's Tartan Time!



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