Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ring of Fire 12/24 HR

At the end of RAO, Team Tartan was asked, what was next? Well, silly questions have obvious answers, with the obvious answer being Ring of Fire 12/24. But unlike last years Fireweed and this years RAO, Team Tartan, won't be entering as a two man. Instead Team Tartans has a much bigger goal, simply to sweep the medals in both solo categories.

Team Tartan Extrodinar, Ben Larson, will be tackling the solo-24 hr. Our pre-race voodoo suggest, that while ROF isn't a RAAM qualifier, Ben might ride more then enough miles to qualify. Think you can out pedal Ben? My guess is not in this life time, but unless your at the 24hr you will never know for sure.

Team Tartan "16% Fatty" Philbrick has his own goals in laying some sweet prep down on the 12 hr "Sprint Distance" for the upcoming 508. Philbrick's plans are to use ROF as a training race. So, if one of us were to fall in our quest for dual gold it would most likely be me cause unlike Ben, these legs will not have seen even the faintest taper going into ROF. ..

Think you got the stuff to send us packing at ROF? We'd honestly like to see you try. Cause, Rain or Shine, Ring of Fire is Tartan Time!



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