Sunday, February 10, 2008

Weekend Training..

Saturday - Road the Cherry Pie Course with Some Beavers, Cat-2 Friends, and a bunch from Pacific Power - Blue Skies.  The plan for the day was to link up at the Bean.. Spin down to the course, ride a lap or two and then head back in to Corvallis.  The first half of the ride was fairly social... Half way through the first lap we did a few sprints.. Nothing major.  Then about half way into the whole fun that is the cherry pie course we split into a few groups.  Up front there was group of cat-2's, Cat-3's and me.  The pace was upped again, breathing increased in tempo.  Finishing the loop we turned to head back up and over the saddle to return to C-Town.  Climbing the Saddle, Dan, and Sean (Who's signed to a pro development team) attacked.  Moving into draft position it was all I could do to just hang on.  Then at the base of climb, the world tilted up.. I slid off the back.. 

Sunday - Helped a friend with her bike fit.  Then put an 2 hours in a little later in the evening on the rollers.. Nothing to fancy.  


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