Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pounding the Pedals at the TT-Fest!

Just finished Stage one of the BEST OBRA Time Trial event of the year aka the Deschutes TT-Fest. Stage one was a 40k on a course I know well, but wow was today a bruiser. It started off with a little hill climb, the maupin assent, nothing more than say 4-5 miles. Hard but not too bad.. The hill climb tapered off into what should be a relatively easy decent but today the devil was blowing and the side winds had me grabbing my aero bar ends for dear life as I tried to keep the bike on the straight and narrow.. Then it was a short decent before wrapping it around through some rollers, river crossing, and then 10 big ones back into the wind.. I think I tend to do better when the courses are hard.. Todays first race wasn't a course PR... But the starting times for stage II, 8.1 mile hill climb, will reveal todays damage.. Stay Tuned!


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