Sunday, April 26, 2009

TT-Fest Race Recap

Just got back from the Deschuttes River Valley TT Fest.  Awesome Race, took first as a Cat 3 in all three races, and GC for the Cat 3's.  Finished 3rd overall, right behind Chris Swan and Seth Patla Cat 1/2 super studs!  Jim Fisher and Heather Paris put in a tremendous effort and took 2nd in the mixed tandem division!    What's next?  Estacada race 3 and the coburg ITT series of course..

Time Trial Fest Update

Took first in the cat 3's on the first stage. Stage 2.. Wind kicked up.. Some one said 40 mph gusts.. I believe it.. My 202's were catching air like an Americas cup vessel.. At 2 min slower than last year. But since all that really matters is the standings.. 1st in the Cat 3's and now 3rd overall.. Less than three hours till the big show on Bakeoven.. Fish and Heather my Pac-Power team mates and rommies here in Maupin are racing the tandem.. Rumor is that they have something special planned for this after-noon.. Watch out tandems are freeky fast, especially when the stoker has carries a whip!

Keeping it real, K-man out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pounding the Pedals at the TT-Fest!

Just finished Stage one of the BEST OBRA Time Trial event of the year aka the Deschutes TT-Fest. Stage one was a 40k on a course I know well, but wow was today a bruiser. It started off with a little hill climb, the maupin assent, nothing more than say 4-5 miles. Hard but not too bad.. The hill climb tapered off into what should be a relatively easy decent but today the devil was blowing and the side winds had me grabbing my aero bar ends for dear life as I tried to keep the bike on the straight and narrow.. Then it was a short decent before wrapping it around through some rollers, river crossing, and then 10 big ones back into the wind.. I think I tend to do better when the courses are hard.. Todays first race wasn't a course PR... But the starting times for stage II, 8.1 mile hill climb, will reveal todays damage.. Stay Tuned!